Gifts and Decor

You will be surprised! We have created an experience way beyond your expectations. We have traveled over South Africa to bring you beautiful, purposeful gift items – from  handmade scatter cushions made from imported material and filled with only the best to retain shape, to heavenly pampering gift boxes, hand screen printed table runners and serviettes to beautiful, purposeful glass ware.
Venture through our beautiful little space and explore whilst awaiting your meal. . . find that special something that’s been waiting for you to discovered it!


Padstal – one of South Africa’s many charming offerings to visitors and locals alike. Padstal Translates as “road stall”, and is a convenient stop between destinations that is usually full to the brim with interesting finds and delicious treats.

When you first arrive at our front door, it becomes clear why our venue is a favourite for a quick stop, or perhaps a slow Sunday morning visit.
Our visitors are greeted with an experience way beyond what you would normally expect from a small country side shop.
One department just flows into the next as you venture through . . .

As you enter our shop either the delicious aroma of freshly baked croissants, or freshly ground coffee, greets you.
Take your time to look through our artisan jams and preserves, sourced from around the country – from Magaliesburg to KZN and even as far as Cape Town.
You will find from everything from home baked rusks to exotic spices.
When you stroll through to the back, you will enter our lovely gift and Gifts and Decor section where you will find something you deserve – from exquisite topiaries to handmade soaps and inspirational gift cards.

Coffee Shop

“Coffee – the favorite drink of the civilized world.” – Thomas Jefferson

According to the TV documentary Madwarna, coffee was first introduced to Europe in the island of Malta in the 16th century, through slavery. Turkish Muslim slaves had been imprisoned there by the Knights of St John in 1565 where they used to make their own traditional beverage. These prisoners were described as industrious, and manage to earn some money by preparing coffee, thus coffee became the beverage of choice amongst the wealthy Maltese.

As for Europe, a vibrant trade between the Republic of Venice and the Muslims of North Africa, brought coffee to this leading European port, where merchants introduced coffee to the wealthy Venice community. Although many coffee shops was operational in Malta by then, the first coffee house was then opened in Venice is 1645.

Coffee drinking has hugely evolve and refined over the years but the experience and joy of this freshly roasted drink, has changed little from when it was first mentioned in history in the 15 hundreds.
Coffee roasting has become an art, and it calls for an experienced Barista to prepare the perfect cup. At Vintage Amber we believe that one should take some time out to enjoy our premium coffee – Our Artisan Coffee, freshly roasted Arabica beans, is especially roasted for us in the Cradle Region.
Come on in, sit and relax in our tranquil little shop and enjoy a cup of coffee you deserve – The best!
We bake daily fresh Croissants for the coffee shop and prepare our own quiches in our kitchen. Our divine, mouth-watering cakes is a must have – From our signature Mozart Cake, our baked cheese cakes and scrumptious carrot cake. Some days you might be in luck to find some eclairs or pasteis de nata and we might just have some Hummingbird cake on offer. Here, you are greeted by the friendliest staff ever to sit down for a while for a scrumptious breakfast or a light lunch.